Rent: Manfrotto Video Tripod - 351MVB2 legs with 501HDV fluid head
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Redesigned to accommodate evolving video technology, the Manfrotto 501HDV Pro Video Head now features improved drag on both axes and switchable counterbalance for the latest ultralight high-definition camcorders. In addition, controls have been repositioned and reshaped for superior operational ergonomics. A sliding camera plate helps balance uneven payloads due to outboard batteries or matte boxes, dual rosettes permit left- or two-handed pan arm configurations, and the rear-mounted spirit level facilitates rapid setups. Naturally the 501HDV includes the unbeatable Bogen/Manfrotto 2-year warranty with an additional 3-years after registering online or by mail.

• Head features a secondary security lock so you can't accidentally release the plate (and camera). The lock stops the quick release lever from opening fully.

• Special Teflon-coated discs (used instead of fluid cartridges) ensure smooth movement and consistent friction of the head.

• With a separate lock on each axis of movement, this head can be precisely adjusted, and panning/tracking can be achieved on any axis.

• Two separate axes of movement - panoramic rotation and front-rear tilt

• The pan bar uses the principle of the lever to use less effort to support and move the weight of your camera and to iron out any jarring or shaking movement between your arm and the camera. Ideal for equipment used in movement - especially video cameras and sport optics / spotting scopes - but also very popular among sports and nature photographers who use long heavy lenses and need to smoothly track moving subjects.