Rent: Manfrotto 504HD Tripod head with 546B Legs
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2 Manfrotto 504HD and 546BK Video Head Tripod with Midi Twin Legs for rent near Seattle

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The extensive features of the Midi Twin Systems (MS) provide accurate setup, ideal balance and solid support. This high-quality tripod with video head is the perfect starting point for professional videographers.

With its professional 504HD system and combined middle spreader 546B tripod, you have the necessary quality and support to get the job done with ease. Complemented by an extremely rigid, stable and two-stage system, you won’t have to worry about losing that perfect angle.

The specially made components allow you to counterbalance equipment weight up to 7.5kg, and its die cast aluminium crown with a built-in 75mm bowl is designed to withstand long-term wear and use. Leg angles can be accurately set up thanks to the tripod's telescopic mid-level spreader, while its leg locks and spiked feet ensure you have a solid grounding, no matter how uneven the terrain.

Compatible with various dollies, you can fluidly manoeuvre the tripod around work areas and shoot locations. Finally, for transportation and storage, the Midi Twin System (MS) comes equipped with its own custom bag, keeping it clean, compact and protected.