Laura Jean Cronin
Founding Member • Mar 2017


Laura Jean is a producer and director at B47 Studios in Seattle where she has shepherded projects such as Parent CRAFT, an online training course teaching parents how to reach their substance use/abuse teens, and has created messaging for go-to non-profits such as Technology Alliance, Beecher’s Foundation, Foundation for Healthy Generations, and more. We won’t go so far as to say there’s the scent of celluloid about her, but Laura Jean,…she’s a filmmaker’s filmmaker. There’s the creative part - she’s written, directed and produced an array of award-winning short films that played in festivals worldwide: John Gill, 2000, Block Party, Leave It, Free Parking, Arthur and One Night; there’s the managing part - she was First AD and Production Manager for five seasons of the Emmy Award-winning PBS show Biz Kid$, and Line Producer for Season Six, and 1st AD on the short film The Maury Island Incident. Then there’s the mentoring part - Laura Jean teaches video production skills to kids and teens at Reel Grrls. A little more about Laura Jean: during her doctoral studies she specialized in Cultural Criticism. She taught Italian for six years and English Composition, History of Film, and Film Analysis for four, and her artwork has been exhibited throughout Washington.

A been-there, done-that resume in a professional, can-do package: that’s Laura Jean


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